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Dr Ben has developed educational modules, treated clients, taught courses, consulted on specialty topics, and reviewed manuscripts, all in the same week. Put his expertise to practice for you by selecting one of the items below.

In Person

Book an appointment with Dr Ben in Kelowna, BC, Canada, at Kinetic Evolution. Please note, Dr Stevens only takes a limited number of appointments per week, lasting 45-90 minutes each. See Prices.


Get access to Dr Ben from anywhere in the world. Pick from three tiers of virtual awesomeness to gain access to the same skilled practitioner as many of the best in the world.


In Class

All speaking, teaching, and topical (personal or business) consulting is custom-built per request. In order to inquire, please fill out the Contact Form.

In-Person Therapy & Consulting

Dr Stevens believes that true change cannot be rushed. In order to accommodate those with extravagant goals, life-altering injuries, or high-octane performance, his minimum appointment length is 45 minutes long.

Dr Ben works with In-Person Clients out of Kinetic Evolution in Kelowna, BC


Initial Assessment

$ 200 CAD
  • 90 Minutes in Person
  • Review of previous health records and imaging
  • Thorough discussion of goals, short-and long-term
  • Extensive functional, orthopedic, and specialized assessment
  • Report of Findings, co-creation of a plan
  • Hands-on Treatment (where necessary)
  • Integrative Exercise, Skill Practice, and Coaching Session

Follow Up Assessment & Intervention

$ 125 CAD
  • 45 Minutes in Person
  • Review of Changes Since Last Visit
  • Review of Goals
  • Progression of Exercises, Skills, and Habits
  • Further Functional, Orthopedic, and Specialized Assessment
  • Hands-on Treatment (where necessary)
  • Updates on Collaborations, Information Gathering

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