Things it is probably not


I am going to save you some time. That pain you’ve got going on? The one you were considering seeing someone for? Yeah, that one.

It’s not likely caused by

  1. Your hip flexor tightness
  2. Your flat feet
  3. Your spine being out of alignment
  4. Your torn meniscus
  5. Your tight upper traps
  6. Your tight pecs
  7. Your poor posture
  8. Your spine being “out”
  9. Your rotator cuff tear
  10. Your disc bulge
  11. Your winging scapula
  12. Your sitting habit
  13. The amount of time on your phone
  14. Your instability
  15. An adhesion
  16. Weakness
  17. Degeneration
  18. Osteoarthritis
  19. Mercury’s retrolisthesis
  20. Your inflexibility

…but hey, it might be related to your pains. However, let’s not go as far as using the word “cause” when it comes to your pains. Indicators? Maybe. Side-effects? Maybe. Completely meaningless? Maybe. Pain is a bit more complex than that. Something looking as though it is outside of the “normal” in NO WAY has to cause you pains.┬áSo…can we stop the fear mongering already?

In fact, do me a favour. Go back through that list. You probably know someone with every single one of those things (except and adhesion). Maybe they hurt, maybe they don’t. You probably also know someone who has none of those things…and hurts. Get it yet?

So let’s make a deal, shall we? I want you to agree to something. I want you to agree that you WILL NOT blame your pains on any of things on that list. That would make me very, very happy.

You’re more resilient than that. You’re more robust than that. You’re more wonderfully made than that.

K. Thanks. Love you. Carry on.

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