These are the courses/trips that are confirmed or highly likely. Still to be added: several more touring trips and a couple more courses. I am trying to limit the amount I travel in 2019 for courses and seminars…aiming to keep it under 20. 


November 2018

2-4 – BC Chiro AGM in Vancouver (representing)

10-11 – NCCP Weightlifting Course in Kelowna w/ Guy Greavette (my coach)

15-18 – McGill Summit in Vancouver (who’s going?)

December 2018

1-2 – Splitboarding Tour in Whistler (with Corvus)

8-9 – Teaching Kettlebells for Clinicians in Vancouver (at Owen Chau’s at AMPFit)

January 2019

4-6 – Backcountry in Whistler, BC

26-27 – Teaching Kettlebells for Clinicians in Toronto, ON

February 2019

9-10 – Metabolic Flexibility Seminar w/ Mike T Nelson in Vancouver, BC

15-18 – Clinical Neurodynamics Seminar w/ Michael Shacklock in Calgary, AB

23-24 – Touring in Nelson, BC or DNS Movement Flow w/ Pavel Kolar in Toronto, ON

March 2019

9-10 – Teaching Kettlebells for Clinicians in Seattle (at Jim Kurtz’ Clinic, NWSR)

26-31 – Touring in Revelstoke, BC

April 2019

13-14 – Teaching Kettlebells for Clinicians in Ottawa, ON

May 2019

3-5 – Wim Hof Method Tour w/Trish Smith in Victoria/Vancouver/Seattle

11-12 – Potential Course in Alberta

June 2019

8-9 – Teaching Kettlebells for Clinicians in Portland, OR

August 2019

21-25 – Wim Hof Method Mountain Experience w/ Trish Smith in the Canadian Rockies.

Highly likely on the list, if I decide to go:

  • Motivational Interviewing for MSK Healthcare Providers in Victoria
  • Extremity Adjusting Course in Vancouver
  • Reflex Locomotion according to Vojta in Calgary
  • DNS B, DNS Peds 1+3, DNS Exercise 2+3 all over
  • Modern Manual Therapy with Erson Religioso (if assisting) all over
  • SFG/SFL course
  • “A World of Hurt” with Annie O’Connor in Toronto
  • TMJ course with Erson in Vancouver
  • Charlie Weingroff Course wherever he goes
  • Then there’s the about 5-10 other high quality presenters we haven’t scheduled yet for 2019 that I’d be interested in seeing…we’ll see.