Intro to Ground Flow and Acrobatics


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You've no doubt seen people crawling around rather elegantly like animals, or the astounding displays of calisthenics and parkour. But why do that stuff, and more importantly, HOW does one begin?! Let this workshop be a first step.

In this 4 hour workshop, students will explore and expand the control they have over their bodies by practicing a wide variety of unconventional movement patterns and skills. Students not only learn how to perform cool tricks, but also how to improve their fitness by playing with cool tricks!

This is a completely introductory workshop, and it's open to anyone, of any skill level. Each participant is likely to be challenged by something in this course, but everyone will be able to grasp the movements and improve with practice. In fact, we are literally working from the ground up!

In this course you will:

  • Train mobility and stability across your entire body, while only really paying attention to fun movements!

  • Explore common "animal" positions, transitions, and locomotion patterns.

  • Learn to flow smoothly from low positions (such as supine and sitting) up to higher positions (standing, kneeling, lunging, squatting).

  • Begin a journey into calisthenics and handbalancing with frog stands and elbow levers.

  • Take a step (or a tiny leap!) into the world of acrobatics by practicing jumping and cartwheel skills.

  • Learn principles for developing your own flows.

  • And a whole lot more, packed neatly into 4 hours.

Ready for the first step?

Your superhuman flowy ninja skills are waiting.

$75 USD

Date: Friday, August 16th 2019

Time: 2:00-6:00 PM

Location: King George Turf Field, Richmond, BC (at an outdoor grassy park)

Location Backup: Steve Nash Fitness World Richmond Sports Club 10251 St Edwards Drive, Richmond, BC