By Dr Benjamin J Stevens


If there is ONE THING that we study in this course that you won't find other places, it is this: How Load Makes Us Move. 

/Why this course?

If you want to learn kettlebells as they apply in a wide variety of settings from rehab to performance, rather than learning the narrower "right" (*cough*cough*) way to do it, then this course is for you. We approach kettlebells as movement optimists, utilizing what we know from the research and clinical experience to integrate kettlebell systems into the broader landscape of what is going on in the performance a rehab worlds today. We teach just as many principles as we do techniques. We gives you tools and make sure you understand where they fit in the toolbox. After learning kettlebells with us, you won't just know how, but more importantly you'll know why and when to use kettlebells. 

/What's Inside?

Training = Rehab

Learn kettlebell training from both ends of the spectrum: detrained and rehab oriented, all the way to fitness and performance oriented. Let's get real, those are not two ends of a spectrum, they are often the same person.

Let's Get Evidency

Learn what the research says, what it doesn’t say, and where we can learn from other disciplines in our use of kettlebells. There's tradition, and then there's science, and the middle ground is the oh-so-sweet spot.

But Does Form Even Matter?

Understand what proper and poor technique look like and when (and why!?) it matters. Get ready for biomechanics, rate of loading, and timing. Goniometers not welcome.

Progress, Progress, Progress

Learn systematic progressions of the kettlebell movements from basic (eg; deadlift) to advanced (eg; bottoms up presses and carries)

Load Bridges the Gap

Gain a grasp on real-world models for how to regress AND progress kettlebell training to close the gap between the clinic and the gym. Your athletes will feel better and your Gramma will be setting all-time PRs.

Wait, But Why?

Understand the nuances of kettlebells as an implement and why/how you should use them with your clients, while understanding  the cues that are most likely to bring about the desired movement outcomes.


Kettlebell Science is a much needed breath of fresh air in the nauseating room known as the "fitness industry". If you're looking for a silver bullet or the next new gimmick, you won't find it here. What you will find is a course that pushes the needle in the right direction when it comes to human movement and effective loading. In the background there is a non dogmatic, open source approach that allows different disciplines to overlap, in turn creating something amazing while still maintaining an evidence based framework. Within that, Dr. Ben injects an enlightening client centered therapeutic aspect that is appropriate for any professional taking this course - whether you are a personal trainer, conditioning coach, massage therapist or a chiropractor, you will find something great to take home with you and apply in your own field, in your own way.

- Marko Sabo, Movement Coach 

“I can’t recommend Dr Steven’s KB for Clinicians course enough. He blends several different KB styles and reviews the latest research on KB training, and teaches you how to use KB to get your patients better fast. The course is super fun and interactive with plenty of hands on work to keep attendees highly engaged. Sign up for this course, you won’t be disappointed!!”

Team Chiropractor Seattle Seahawks
2019 Wash State Powerlifting Champion-masters division

Other systems integrated into this course

In today's fitness and health landscape, it is important for all practitioners to keep abreast of many of the trends and current thinking in the health field. In this course, you will find principles, theories, and applications pulled from many of the following areas:

Pain Science and Therapeutic Education
Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization
The McGill Method
StrongFirst & Dragon Door Kettlebell Systems
Neurodynamics according to Shacklock
MacKenzie Institute
Kettlebells for Clinicians Transparent BW File5

/What Else?


Built for professionals

This course focuses half on the attendees, half on their clients. This course is meant to give you an understanding of how to take the information and apply it immediately in your own practices, but just as importantly how to coach these movements professionally.

Leave the dog(ma) at home

This is why we needed to invent this course, to learn all there is to know about kettlebells through systematic, scientific application. To give fit pros and therapists the confidence to train and rehab with kettlebells before subscribing to the exact same system of usage that's been around for decades.

More than just kettlebells

Even if you walked away from this weekend without ever touching a kettlebell, you'll come away with specific applicable principles on how to assess and teach movement prerequisites, side step injuries, and progress, regress and lateralize with clients in all situations.

But #Evidence?

There have been hundreds of research articles published about the nuances of kettlebell usage. Themes and important messages will be pulled from the pertinent evidence and integrated with years of kettlebell experience from the instructors. Sometimes the evidence supports traditional thought. Other times...we learn.

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 11.25.09 AM

"Kettlebells for Clinicians was an excellent course for anyone wanting to learn or revisit the fundamentals of Kettlebell training. Dr. Ben and Tyler are excellent presenters that go above and beyond to provide excellent coaching for the kettlebell athlete and trainer.

The material is delivered in a clear and concise way, presenting you with great tools to pass this knowledge along to your athletes or patients. If you are a trainer that wants to further develop their knowledge of kettlebell training or a clinician that wants to bridge the gap between therapist and trainer, this course is fantastic."

Jeremy Meredith, Owner, Head Coach of CrossFit Vernon

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 11.21.22 AM

“If you are looking for someone to teach you what KB exercises to do, when and how often, this is not the course for you. Ben taught us how to think about KB training to augment our current methods of taking care of our players. He changed how we approach the implement and improved our teaching techniques. We had a blast working and learning in a very easy, fun environment and it was great being around such a bright, motivated, professional.

David Stricklin, MS, ATC, LAT, FAFS, Head Athletic Trainer, Professional Football

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 11.24.09 AM

"Ben Stevens’ Kettlebells for Clinicians course is top notch. I have taken KB courses from other well known certifications, and this course far exceeded my expectations. Ben presents a program that will help a KB novice hone their skills and gain the ability to correctly coach a variety of movements while still providing valuable insights and ideas for the seasoned pro. Ben evaluates the needs and goals of the individual and finds the best technique for the situation. He has distilled a great deal of valuable methods for both KB training and rehab from a variety of sources into an entertaining and thought provoking weekend. Whether you’re a strength coach with multiple KB certifications or a rehab professional who has never touched a KB, you will find great value in this course."

Michael Tankovich, PT, DPT, LAT, ATC, CSCS, FAFS, FRCms

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 11.41.01 AM

"I loved it! Not only the mechanics of the KBS and who it may be good/not good for, but using it as a tool for rehab that forces the body to self organize and load what you want versus trying to explain these subtle movements like eversion etc is so valuable. Not only for another assessment / tool to bridge the gap to training, but also to make rehab more fun and helping people feel strong.

It was easy to go through the course and say “this will be perfect for so and so” and actually jotted down those notes throughout the weekend so I could implement them right away.

Sarah Black, Para Performance Manager at Athletics Canada

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Steve Nash Fitness

Feb 2-3
Private - Course Passed

Seattle Seahawks

Feb 14-15
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Kelowna, BC

March 23-24
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Steve Nash Fitness

May 4-5
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Steve Nash Fitness

May 25-26
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Victoria, BC

June 15-16
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Vancouver, BC

Date: August 17-18
Level 2 (Private)
Location: On the Beach, in the Sun

Kelowna, BC

Date: Sep 28-29
Level 1 & 2 COMBINED
Location: To Be Determined

$990 $750

Chicagoland, IL

Date: Oct 12-13
Level 1 OPEN
Location: Major Chiropractic and Sports Science, Wheaton, IL

$595 $495

Steve Nash Fitness

Date: Nov 23-24
Location: Steve Nash Fitness, Vancouver, BC

$595 $495

Vancouver, BC

Date: Nov 30-Dec 1
Level 1 OPEN
Location: AMPFit, Richmond, BC

$595 $495

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