Dear Self, You Have My Permission

…to be that guy you’ve always felt you wanted to be. to move backwards if it’s in the name of our values Now, now, now, Self… There are certain things that I do not give you permission to do. I DO NOT give you permission To care about what kind of car you drive more […]

The Cynic and The Skeptic (a thought experiment)

The cynic rejects. The Skeptic puts aside for now. The cynic presupposes fault with no prior experience. He makes up experience where he already has an opinion. The Skeptic is ambivalent, while waiting to lean in or walk out. The cynic assumes uselessness in light of moderate evidence to the contrary. The Skeptic assumes some […]

Momento Mori Part II: Categorically Less

I am hoping that you caught the subtle irony of this title. In most people’s worlds, “less” is a function of degree. The same ingredients make up their daily, monthly, and annual lives, with the only variation coming in the form of degree. I ate too much. I didn’t exercise enough. I want more time […]

New Year, or just Different Year?

For many many years, I viewed New Years Resolutions as something “other” people did. People with less full-time resolution than I. People who needed change in their life. People who were too scared, procrastinatory, or unambitious to set goals in the middle of July or November on a Tuesday afternoon. Why would one wait until […]

It’s always behaviour or input.

This Post = Mind Dump I often attempt to systematize and create algorithmic thinking in my approach to health and performance. This does 2 things for me: It reduces stress, and It gives guidance. It’s not always about earth shattering info, but it is quite often about rigorous implementation, especially in thinking. I think I’ll […]

The Ground Up Round Up

AKA Let the Bodies Hit the Floor You hear the one about the three holes in the ground filled with water?┬áNo? Well, well, well…. If you were to walk into the gym any time in the first half of one of my workouts, you would always see the same thing: Benjamin on the ground. Call […]

Part 1.2: Obesity Risk, Nutrition, and Strong Misconceptions

In light of the year of molecular shenanigans going on behind the scenes of my health, I decided it was time invest in one of the most true and basic forms of health assessment available (currently). Twas time for a genetic profile. Enter 23andMe, Dr Rhonda Patrick, and a whole lot of head scratching. If […]

A Story: On the Coexistence of Good and Bad

A Follow-Up to “A Momento Mori” (found here). I’m gonna talk about someone else today, a life entirely different from the one you read about in my last literary foray about death-come-knocking. This guy’s name is William. (not Bill, he doesn’t like being called Bill). I know William quite well as a patient and friend. […]