Part 1.1: Genetics like a MTHF*R

Approx Reading Time: 4 mins When we last left each other – after staring longingly into each others eyes, promising sweet nothings upon return to each others’ embrace – I left you a laundry list of the items that needed to be addressed in order to fully sink my teeth into the meaty causation of a seemingly healthy dude’s near […]

A Year to Fix It All

Approx Reading Time: 6 mins Or “stop trying, already.” What is a guy to do when he finds out that he’s royally F’ed up his blood pressure, but doesn’t really know why? How does a guy proceed when all the typical allopathic tests show that he’s otherwise healthy, but still might be risking an aneurysm or stroke just by waking […]

A Story: On the Coexistence of Good and Bad

Approx Reading Time: 8 mins A Follow-Up to “A Momento Mori” (found here). I’m gonna talk about someone else today, a life entirely different from the one you read about in my last literary foray about death-come-knocking. This guy’s name is William. (not Bill, he doesn’t like being called Bill). I know William quite well as a patient and friend. […]

A momento mori…

Approx Reading Time: 6 mins Well, I found out I was going to die. Not so much in the urgent sense, like you would see in a movie or a viral tear-jerker Youtube video. It dawned on me much more eloquently than that. Stay with me here, it’s a bit of a journey. But for those of you who don’t […]