It’s always behaviour or input.

This Post = Mind Dump

I often attempt to systematize and create algorithmic thinking in my approach to health and performance. This does 2 things for me:

  1. It reduces stress, and
  2. It gives guidance.

It’s not always about earth shattering info, but it is quite often about rigorous implementation, especially in thinking. I think I’ll do this a lot more often, as it allows me to get my thinking hat on and not worry about grammar or editing. Anyway, here’s round 1.

The question of why, in health and performance almost always comes down to a behaviour or input.

Except genetics, and even that is a modifiable factor for many physiological processes.

I think we all know this inherently. As patients, we ask, “Where did this come from?” or “Why won’t this go away?” or “How do I fix this?

The answers can almost always be categorized into 2 categories, each with 2 options.










A: Behaviour/Fit = Are you doing the correct behaviour in the correct circumstance?

B: Behaviour/Degree = Are you doing too much, too little, and appropriate frequency/distribution of the behaviour?

  • Example 1: Training for 10 mins, 2 times per week.
    • Behaviour: assumed correct fit, incorrect degree.
  • Example 2: Training for 75 minutes, 7 days per week, performing repeated bouts of sensitizing exercises
    • Behaviour: potentially incorrect degree, definitely incorrect fit.

C: Input/Fit = Are you seeking the correct inputs in the correct circumstance?

D: Input/Degree = Are you doing too much, too little, and appropriate frequency/distribution of things from the outside world?

  • Example 3: Chiropractic adjustment 3/week for 3 months with a Beighton Score of 9/9.
    • Input: Incorrect fit — mobilizing the hypermobile — and incorrect degree –doing so 3/week for 3 months.
  • Example 4: Car accident patient, also 9/9 Beighton Score. Motor control and strengthening exercises for the spine, 1/week for 3 hours to make up for skipping it throughout the week.
    • Input (seeking care of chiropractor): correct fit, correct degree
    • Behaviour (home exercise): correct fit, extremely incorrect degree.


Someone has probably already thought of this…who knows if it is even helpful. But I think it will be. I’ll be using this context to explore a few things in coming posts…





One thought on “It’s always behaviour or input.

  1. Two blog posts in one night! 😉
    Not that I have any medical/clinical/whatever skills or education, but this makes a lot of sense to me…even if you’re just thinking out loud.

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