Dr Benjamin John Stevens has the second-least-memorable name on the planet, after John Smith (sorry John).

His areas of expertise all fall in the realms of health, performance, and adventure, with a heavy dose of lifestyle design.

He loves public speaking and lives to teach.

He lives in Canada, where the air is fresh, the mountains are large, and lakes are plenty.

He has spent approximately 1/27th of his life in the Emergency Room.

He is really bad at responding to emails.

He has played most sports he could, and generally sucked at all of them.

He is still with his highschool sweetheart/first girlfriend, 14 years and counting (as of 2017).

He has 2 university degrees, one in Kinesiology, one in chiropractic medicine.

He holds the record at his college for most Xrays performed on one person during their time there.

He loves to travel.

He loves to eat.

He loves to snowboard.

If you really want to get him to do something, reward him with travel, food, and snowboarding.

He paddleboards 50+ days per year.

He really, truly, whole-heartedly sucks at low-impact conversations.

He’s trying to learn how to play the ukulele.