Dr Benjamin J Stevens


Expertise: Health, Performance, and Rehab

Dr Stevens is a teacher, writer, peer-reviewer, and therapist. His goal is to help people achieve their wildest dreams through building the foundational aptitudes -- physical, mental, and emotional -- needed to live extraordinary lives.

Having worked with a multitude of Olympic and Paralympic medalists, World Champions, some of the fittest and strongest people on the planet, as well as endless unsung heroes, he takes pride going the extra mile to really understand the nuance and details when working with each client. He has taught and consulted with multiple large sports and wellness organizations from the NFL and NHL to some of the largest fitness chains in the country. His areas of expertise all fall in the realms of performance and rehab, with a heavy dose of lifestyle design.

Dr Stevens splits his time among several professionals endeavours: Clinical Practice, Virtual Consulting, Teaching/Course Development, and running one of Canada's Largest Continuing Education Companies.

He holds a degree in Kinesiology from the University of New Brunswick, as well as a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree form Palmer College of Chiropractic West Campus in San Jose, California.

Dr Stevens has worked with players, coaches, therapists, and decision-makers from the following organizations (sampling only)

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Reading on a Dock

Dr Benjamin J Stevens

Adventurer, Explorer, Experimenter

Outside of work, Dr Stevens spends all of his time in adventuring, training, exploring the outdoors, and otherwise just enjoying all aspects of being a moving living human. Having played every sport he could get his hands on, he moved quickly into individual sports in his late teenage years, as they lend themselves to a freedom of lifestyle, extravagance of adventure, and liberty of athletic/physical expression. Regardless of profession, he prefers to spend time every day using his body across a wide variety of domains, having a far reaching background in many movement practices such as muay thai, breakdancing, skateboarding, rollerblading, biking, parkour, Ice hockey (goalie), kettlebell training, snowboarding, olympic lifting, bodybuilding, swing dancing, heli- and cat-boarding, paddleboarding, and generally jumping off of anything into water.

His current non-work passions are snowboarding, trekking, kettlebell juggling, and training daily in the gym to accomplish anything he wants. His true passion lies in teaching people how to move and use their bodies to express their utmost gifts to the world.

Random Facts:

  • He drove nothing but a motorcycle from 14 to 24 years old.
  • He has jumped out of an airplane or helicopter nearly 100 times.
  • He has the words "terra incognita" tattoo'd inside his right arm.
  • He has broken 20+ bones.
  • He has visited 15+ countries.
  • He had a speech impediment as a child.
  • He types like a pterodactyl.
  • He loves to freeze in cold water.
  • He's been working since 9 years old, with his first job delivering newspaper.
  • His wife thinks he had oppositional defiant disorder.
  • He reads 20-50 books per year and usually 50-100 research papers
  • He was in a TV commercial for a local icecream shop as a kid. He's considered himself due to become a professional performer ever since.