Guiding Principles for 2018

Approx Reading Time: 7 mins I strongly prefer “guiding principles”, as oppose to resolutions, goals, or whatever else. I’m not oppose to all the aforementioned, but have found their utility in my life diminishing over time. I think that’s a good sign, frankly. There are only so many quantum leaps left. Massive actions just don’t seem to work a lot […]

Momento Mori Part II: Categorically Less

Approx Reading Time: 8 mins I am hoping that you caught the subtle irony of this title. In most people’s worlds, “less” is a function of degree. The same ingredients make up their daily, monthly, and annual lives, with the only variation coming in the form of degree. I ate too much. I didn’t exercise enough. I want more time […]

New Year, or just Different Year?

Approx Reading Time: 12 mins For many many years, I viewed New Years Resolutions as something “other” people did. People with less full-time resolution than I. People who needed change in their life. People who were too scared, procrastinatory, or unambitious to set goals in the middle of July or November on a Tuesday afternoon. Why would one wait until […]