Truths to Internalize Early in Your Career – Volume 1

Approx Reading Time: 3 mins I recently took a nap in a public park, like a homeless dude, except I was marginally better dressed at the time. I use the term “nap” loosely, simply because I had too much noise in my head, rendering me incapable of a full-on snooze. One of the topics mashing around between my ears, as […]

The List

Approx Reading Time: 5 mins Purpose: for reference Interstingness level: 3/10 This post is meant to be repeatedly linked, so I am not constantly referring to this injury, that crash, that physical derailment, and so on. I can just link up the number! Injuries and “hiccups” have been a defining feature of my life, and I assume I’ll write a […]

Things it is probably not

Approx Reading Time: 2 mins   I am going to save you some time. That pain you’ve got going on? The one you were considering seeing someone for? Yeah, that one. It’s not likely caused by Your hip flexor tightness Your flat feet Your spine being out of alignment Your torn meniscus Your tight upper traps Your tight pecs Your […]

Part 1.2: Obesity Risk, Nutrition, and Strong Misconceptions

Approx Reading Time: 10 mins In light of the year of molecular shenanigans going on behind the scenes of my health, I decided it was time invest in one of the most true and basic forms of health assessment available (currently). Twas time for a genetic profile. Enter 23andMe, Dr Rhonda Patrick, and a whole lot of head scratching. If […]