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2017 Highlights

My wife recently sent out a Christmas card with a bunch of pictures on it. When I told her it was a bit deceiving, to show pictures from all of eternity, she promptly reminded me that all the pictures were taken this year (2017, at the time) and that we’d simply had an epic year. So, as a mental exercise, I decided that I wanted to give myself a bit of a highlight reel from the year in word form. In no particular order, here’s the bigger events of the year:

  • 2,000+ patient treatments
  • 200/110 mmHg at rest (new blood pressure PR!)
  • 50 days of paddleboarding
  • 20-30 days in National Parks or camping
  • 20+ Cold Immersion dips
  • 17 books completed
  • 15 days of Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease
  • 14 seminars
  • 14 blog posts (and 18-20 more written but unpublished)
  • 13 rounds of blood work
  • 10 days in China
  • 8.5 average hours of sleep per night
  • 6 days of Heliskiing
  • 5 days in Mexico
  • 4 days no voice (laryngitis for the first time ever)
  • 3 Genome Reads from different sources
  • 1 Crossfit Competition
  • 1 day of cat-skiing
  • 1 new website/blog (this one)
  • Locked in meditation capacity
  • All of them – the seasons of Marvel stories on Netflix
  • Overly – the amount of fatness I have put on my bones
  • Never enough – time outside

Alright, enough of this writing mumbo jumbo, time to go do real human being things.

One thought on “2017 Highlights

  1. Your wife is right epic year! What a great exercise to get one into a place of gratitude!!! Thanks for that.

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