9 Things


I am horrible at feigning interest.

I am not necessarily impolite, but you'll know if I really don't care. Hence, small talk and I don't coexist, not even in the same room most of the time. Also, I appreciate your emails...but may not reply.


I have had more injuries than you and your 5 closest friends

My parents like to tell me most of my injuries were due to boredom. I don't do well with moderation, unfortunately. 23 broken bones, 5+ concussions, 50+ stitches, and innumerable soft-tissue injuries tell that story well.


I read a lot.

Some years its 50+ books. Other years it is more like 10-12. Not only do I read, I believe in reading as an end in and of itself.


I quit things...a lot.

This is actually the flipside of a personal flaw: the belief that I can indeed do it all. This has lead me in the past to massive over-commitment.


My biggest asset is my marriage.

I am married to one redonkulously smart lady. She's hot, she's athletic, she's got three university degrees, she's the mother to my offspring, and she keeps our house hella tidy.


My biggest regret in life is student debt.

Between my wife and I, we had over half a million (yes $500,000) of debt when we left school with our professional degrees. You could say that finances have become a strong suite of mine out of necessity.


I am a Minimalist at heart.

In its most basic form, I choose not to accumulate stuff that does not bring me joy. However, I do indeed choose to own many things that do bring me joy. I have an excessive amount of snowboard gear, camping gear, books, and shoes.


I am hard to relate to.

I have heard this my whole life.


I have lost a lot of long-term memories.

Bolivia --> Andes Mountains --> Hospital --> Unknown illness --> multiple organ system failure --> 15% Bodyweight loss --> Neurological deficit (cursive writing gone, speech impediment, concentration inability, memory loss).