"When you live to the fullness of your life, you lift the collective human experience." - Elle Luna

What you're in for...

...is storytelling, health & fitness, science, adventures, philosophy, and a whole lot of opinion. 

* Even though I contract my brain-power out to many different people, all the crap I say on this website is mine and mine alone. 

Who Am I?

Teacher, writer, mover, adventurer, chiropractor, coach, idealist, mess-around-er, injury-haver, adviser, consultant, and caffeinator. 

But mostly a starter.

I was introduced the health and fitness world at the age of 13 and have been hooked since. 20 years laters, and there's no signs of slowing down.

Lecture Pic

What Do I Do?

(I assume you're asking where I make a living)

I own and operate several businesses, all related to health and human movement. I treat clients as a chiropractor in Kelowna BC. I teach. I give talks and seminars. I write for other people. 

If you're wanting to see the companies I work for most regularly, visit the Business Page, which shows my current commitments. 

Ben at McDougall Rim

What Don't I Do?

Generally, I say no to nearly everything, unless it fits my skill sets or will help me develop as a human being in my areas of lack. 

In my own life I don't consume much media, take advice from people I don't know, drink alcoholic beverages, engage in uninteresting conversation, or spend my time around people who don't thrill me. 

If I said yes to everything, there would be no room for bad-assity.